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Saddle butterflyfish
Saddle butterflyfish, Polska, Poland, stamp, fish, Desselberger, 4.00 Zl, Poczta, PWPW, 1967, Chaetodon ephippium

Title: Saddle butterflyfish
Location: Polska, Poland
Description: Saddle butterflyfish [Chaetodon ephippium] a really nice butterfly fish (looks almost like an angelfish)
Keywords: stamp, fish, Desselberger, 4.00 Zl, Poczta, PWPW, 1967, Chaetodon ephippium

Common Red-Eye
Common Red-Eye, Australia, stamp, insect, bytterfly, 45 c, 1998, Chaetocneme beata
Dull Oakblue
Dull Oakblue, Australia, stamp, insect, butterfly, 45 c, 1998, Arhopala centaurus
Ulysses Butterfly
Ulysses Butterfly, Australia, stamp, insect, 45 c, butterfly, 1998, Papilio ulysses
Magnificent Tree Frog
Magnificent Tree Frog, Australia, stamp, reptile, frog, 45 c, 1999, Litoria splendida
Giant Trevally
Giant Trevally, Australia, stamp, fick, ship wreck, 45 c, 1995, Amblyglyphidodon aureusCaranx ignobilis
Nudi and Flame Angelfish
Nudi and Flame Angelfish, Australia, stamp, fish, nudibranch, 1995, 45 c, Centropyge loricula, Hypselodoris apolegma
Cleaning Station
Cleaning Station, Australia, stamp, fish, 1995, 45 c, Epinephelus tukula, Cheilinus undulatus
Flatback Turtle
Flatback Turtle, Australia, stamp, reptile, turtle, Natator depressus, 1995, 45 c
Bottlenose Dolphins
Bottlenose Dolphins, Australia, stamp, mammal, fish, dolphin, 45 c, Tursiops truncatus, 1998
Black Marlin
Black Marlin, Australia, stamp, fish, 45 c, 1995, Makaira indica
Big Greasy
Big Greasy, Australia, stamp, insect, butterfly, 45 c, Cressida cressida
Cairns Birdwing
Cairns Birdwing, Australia, stamp, insect, butterfly, 10 c, Ornithoptera euphorion

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