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Flamefishes, Cuba, stamp, fish, Apogon maculatus, 1, correos, 1969

Title: Flamefishes
Location: Cuba
Description: Two Flamefish [Apogon maculatus], one hiding in a black hole in the bottom
Keywords: stamp, fish, Apogon maculatus, 1, correos, 1969

Boat angler
Boat angler, R.P. Romania, Romania, stamp, angling, fishing, row boat, Posta, 10 Bani, 1962, UNTCH
Wolf Pups
Wolf Pups, Romana, Romania, stamp, mammal, 1.50 L, 1972, Saftoiu Niculare, Canis lupus, Posta
Row Deer Fawns
Row Deer Fawns, Romana, Romania, stamp, mammal, Posta, 55 b, 1972, Saftoiu Niculae, Capreolus capreolus
Fox Pups
Fox Pups, Romana, Romania, stamp, mammal, Vulpes vulpes, Posta, 35 B, 1972, Saftoiu Niculare
White-headed Duck
White-headed Duck, Rpmana, Romania, stamp, bird, Oxyura leucocephala, 3.40 Lei, Posta, 1977, F Ivanus
Egyptian Vulture
Egyptian Vulture, Romana, Romania, stamp, bird, 1977, F Ivanus, 1.50 Lei, Neophron percnopterus, Posta
Mute Swan in Wine
Mute Swan in Wine, Romana, Romania, stamp, bird, Cygnus olor, 1 Leu, Posta, 1977, F Ivanus
Pinkish Great White
Pinkish Great White, Romana, Romania, stamp, bird, Posta, 3.25 Les, 1965, F Ivanus, Pelicanul roz, Pelecanus onocrotalus
Lammergeier, Romana, Romania, stamp, bird, 1.20 Lei, Zagan, Gypaetus barbatus, 1967, F Ivanus, Posta
Saker Falcon
Saker Falcon, Romana, Romania, stamp, bird, 40 Bani, F Ivanus, 1967, Posta, Soim Dunarean, Falco cherrug
Griffon Vulture
Griffon Vulture, Romana, Romania, stamp, bird, 1 Leu, Posta, F Ivanus, 1967, Vultur Plesuv, Gyps fulvus
Brown Bear Portrait
Brown Bear Portrait, Romana, Romania, stamp, mammal, Ursus arctos, 40 b. E Palade, 1976, Posta, Horn

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