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Rose monique
Rose monique, Polska, Poland, stamp, plant, flower, rose, Roza monique, Rosa spp, 40 Gr, PWPW, 1964, A Balcerzak

Title: Rose monique
Location: Polska, Poland
Description: Roza Monique [Rosa spp] on a blue background
Keywords: stamp, plant, flower, rose, Roza monique, Rosa spp, 40 Gr, PWPW, 1964, A Balcerzak

Stag beetle
Stag beetle, Bulgaria, stamp, insect, beetle, Stag beetle, Lucanus cervus, 4.00, 1993
Firebug, Bulgaria, stamp, insect, Firebug, Pyrrhocoris apterus, 5.00, nowa, T Bapaxmeb, 1993
Snakefly, Bulgaria, stamp, insect, moth, 1993, mayfly, 2.00, Xanthostigma xanthostigma
Sail-fin molly
Sail-fin molly, Bulgaria, stamp, fish, nowa, 2.00, 1993, Mollienesia velifera, Poecilia velifera
Twostripe lyretail
Twostripe lyretail, Bulgaria, stamp, fish, nowa, 3.00, 1993, Aphyosemion bivittatum
Red discus
Red discus, Bulgaria, stamp, fish, nowa, 4.00, 1993, Symphysodon discus
Freshwater angelfish
Freshwater angelfish, Bulgaria, stamp, fish, nowa, 3.00, 1993, Pterophyllum eimekei, Pterophyllum scalare
Blue and Red Pearl Gourami
Blue and Red Pearl Gourami, Bulgaria, stamp, fish, nowa, 8.00, 1993, Trichogaster leeri
Yellow Globe-flowers
Yellow Globe-flowers, Suomi, Finland, stamp, plant, flower, 2, Luokka, Klass, 1993, Trollius europaeus
Bee orchid
Bee orchid, Éire, Ireland, stamp, plant, flower, orchid, 1993, 28, Ophrys apifera
Detail of Blackleg Tortoiseshell
Detail of Blackleg Tortoiseshell, Nederland, Netherlands, stamp, insect, butterfly, 80 c, 1993, Bedreigd en Kwetsbaar, Grote Vos, Nymphalis polychloros
Orange Tip on Yellow
Orange Tip on Yellow, Norge, Noreg, Norway, stamp, flower, insect, butterfly, Hedvig, 1993, 3.50, Aurorasommerfugl, Anthocharis cardamines, Barbarea stricta

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