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Bluebanded surgeon
Bluebanded surgeon, South Africa, stamp, fish, 10 c, Chris von Rooyen, Acanthurus lineatus

Title: Bluebanded surgeon
Location: South Africa
Description: Blue-Lined surgeonfish or Bluebanded surgeon [Acanthurus lineatus] on a green and orange sea
Keywords: stamp, fish, 10 c, Chris von Rooyen, Acanthurus lineatus

Emerald Nerite
Emerald Nerite, Grenada, stamp, shell, red, 1 cent, Smaragdia viridis
Apple?, Bulgaria, stamp, plant, tree, flower, 1 cm, nowa
Salmon Roses
Salmon Roses, Bulgaria, stamp, plant, flower, Rosa spp, 1 Ct
Red Squirrel
Red Squirrel, Bulgaria, stamp, mammal, 1 Ct, Kamepuya, Sciurus vulgaris
Common stingray
Common stingray, Bulgaria, stamp, fish, ray, 1 Ct, Trygon pastinaca, Dasyatis pastinaca, Mopcka komka
Forest Caterpillar Hunter
Forest Caterpillar Hunter, Bulgaria, stamp, insect, beetle, bug, green, 1 Ct, Calosoma sycophanta
Kangaroo, Australia, stamp, 1 d, mammal, Postage, Macropus spp, one penny, map
Southern Brown Kiwi
Southern Brown Kiwi, New Zealand, stamp, bird, 1 d, Postage, Revenue, Apteryx australis
Tessellate helmet
Tessellate helmet, S Tome e Principe, Sao Tome and Principe, stamp, shell, 1 Db, blue, 1981, Wolfgang Hartwig, Lito Nacional, Porto, Portugal, Cassis tessellata
Spotted Barb
Spotted Barb, Sharjah and Dependencies, Sharjah, stamp, fish, air mail, 1 Dh, Puntius anchisporus
Whitespotted boxfish
Whitespotted boxfish, Umm al Qiwain, Umm al Quwain, UAE, stamp, fish, 1 dh, Ostracion meleagris
Great Cormorant
Great Cormorant, Qatar, stamp, bird, Phalacrocorax carbo, Postage, 1 Dirham

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