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Two Shells
Two Shells, Malta, stamp, shell, 2 c, Gibbula nivosa

Title: Two Shells
Location: Malta
Description: Two shells [Gibbula nivosa] in underwater landscape
Keywords: stamp, shell, 2 c, Gibbula nivosa

Leafy sea-dragon
Leafy sea-dragon, Australia, stamp, fish, Phycodurus eques, 33 c
Goldfish in orange
Goldfish in orange, Japan, stamp, fish, Carassius auratus, 35, orange
Triangel Guppy
Triangel Guppy, DDR, Germany, stamp, fish, guppy, Poecilia reticulata, Triangel, 35, blue
Wood Bison
Wood Bison, Canada, stamp, Bison bison athabascae, mammal, 35, postage, postes, Bison bison bison
Blue Tiger
Blue Tiger, Australia, stamp, insect, butterfly, 35 c, plant, Tirumala hamata
Fuvenile Angel
Fuvenile Angel, Sharjah and Dependencies, Sharjah, stamp, fish, air mail, 35 Dh, Pomacanthus annularis
Eurasian Jay
Eurasian Jay, Sharjah and Dependencies, Sharjah, UAE, stamp, bird, Garrulus glandarius, 35 Dh, Air Mail
Striped sweetlips
Striped sweetlips, Umm al Qiwain, Umm al Quwain, UAE, stamp, fish, 35 dh, Air Mail, Plectorhinchus diagrammus, Plectorhinchus gaterinoides
Spotted Squeaker
Spotted Squeaker, Zambia, stamp, fish, 35 n, Synodontis macrostigma
Red flower
Red flower, Shqiperia, Albania, stamp, plant, flower, 35 q, Bozhure, Peonie, Paeonia chinensis
Japanese Camellia
Japanese Camellia, Shqiperia, Albania, stamp, plant, flower, 35 q, Kamelie, Camellia japonica
Sunda Pangolin
Sunda Pangolin, Republik Indonesia, Indonesia, stamp, mammal, 35 Sen, Manis javanica, Trenggiling

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