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Green Iguana Portrait
Green Iguana Portrait, Tanzania, stamp, reptile, 1993, 50, Iguana iguana, lizard

Title: Green Iguana Portrait
Location: Tanzania
Description: Green Iguana [Iguana iguana] in a nice portrait
Keywords: stamp, reptile, 1993, 50, Iguana iguana, lizard

Shell, Papua and New Guinea, Papua New Guinea, stamp, shell, Mitra mitra, 7 c
Flying Canada Goose
Flying Canada Goose, Canada, stamp, flying, Postage, Postes, Air, 7 Cents, Branta canadensis
Pink Magnolia
Pink Magnolia, Polska, Poland, stamp, plant, flower, Magnolia spp, 7.10 Zt, P Matecki, PWPW
Duck, Sverige, Sweden, stamp, bird, Skånegås, H Hallander, L Sjööblom Sc, 7.40
Hairy Triton
Hairy Triton, Republik Indonesia, Indonesia, stamp, shell, 7.50+0.50, Lampusia, Cymatium pileare
Japanese Tit
Japanese Tit, Nippon, Japan, stamp, bird, 70, Parus minor
Purple flower
Purple flower, Helvetia, Switzerland, stamp, plant flower, Pro Juventute 1991, Courvoisier, Verni wyss, 70 +30
Turning Blacktip Grouper
Turning Blacktip Grouper, Tanzania, stamp, coat of arms, fish, 70 c, Chewa tende, Epinephelus fasciatus
Crucifix Toad
Crucifix Toad, Australia, stamp, reptile, frog, toad, 70 c, Notaden bennettii
Cypris Morpho
Cypris Morpho, Fujeira, Fujairah, stamp, insect, butterfly, Air Mail, 70 Dh, Marpho cypris, Morpho cypris
BW Grass snake
BW Grass snake, Romania, stamp, Adam and Eve, Religious, reptile, snake, 70L 1996, P Comasarschi, Natrix natrix, Grass snake, Sarpele casa
Great Purple Emperor
Great Purple Emperor, Nippon, Japan, stamp, insect, butterfly, 75, Sasakia charonda

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