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Kingfisher Photo
Kingfisher Photo, Guyana, stamp, bird, Kingfisher, 1987, $2, Alcedo atthis

Title: Kingfisher Photo
Location: Guyana
Description: Common kingfisher [Alcedo atthis] looking up from a tree branch
Keywords: stamp, bird, Kingfisher, 1987, $2, Alcedo atthis

Tobacco plantation
Tobacco plantation, Republik Indonesia, Indonesia, stamp, Tembako, plant, crop, 20 Sen, farming, Nicotiana spp, Bentjana alam, 1961, +15 s
Japanese spider crab
Japanese spider crab, Monaco, stamp, crab, 0.01, Postes, 1964, D Apres Millot, Fenneteaux, Macrocheira kampferi, Macrocheira kaempferi
Sabi, Somalia, stamp, plant, Posta, 0.01 So, Vart Valor, Roma, Adenium somalense, Adenium obesum subsp somalense
Orangestriped Triggerfish
Orangestriped Triggerfish, Israel, stamp, fish, 0.02, blue
Two-tailed Pasha
Two-tailed Pasha, Israel, stamp, green, butterfly, Charaxes jasius, 0.02
Mesopotamian fallow deer stag
Mesopotamian fallow deer stag, Israel, stamp, mammal, 0.02, Dama mesopotamica, stag
Common Crossbill
Common Crossbill, Belgique, Belgie, Belgium, stamp, bird, Kruisbek, 1, 0.02, Beccroise des sapins, Loxia curvirostra
Queen of the Night
Queen of the Night, Monaco, stamp, flower, 0.02, A Freres. E Clerissi, Postes, 1964, Selenicereus gr, Selenicereus grandiflorus
Longfin banner
Longfin banner, Israel, stamp, fish, umiml, 0.03, Longfin bannerfish, Heniochus acuminatus
Raccoon butterfly
Raccoon butterfly, Israel, stamp, fish, 0.06, Raccoon butterflyfish, Chaetodon lunula
Imperial Angelfish
Imperial Angelfish, Israel, stamp, fish, 0.06, Imperial Angelfish, Holacanthus imperator, Pomacanthus imperator
Coral Snake
Coral Snake, Nicaragua, stamp, reptile, snake, Micrurus lemniscatus, South American coral snake, 0.10 C$, 1982, Correos, Reptiles, Vibora de Coral

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