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Orchid on blue
Orchid on blue, Viêt Nam, Vietnam, stamp, plant, orchid, flower, Lan hoang thao, Buu chinh, 6 xu, Dan chu cong hoa

Title: Orchid on blue
Location: Viêt Nam, Vietnam
Description: Nice white orchid on blue background. Maybe the text on the right could be the the species?
Keywords: stamp, plant, orchid, flower, Lan hoang thao, Buu chinh, 6 xu, Dan chu cong hoa

Drinking Girrafe
Drinking Girrafe, Tanzania, stamp, mammal, Giraffa camelopardalis, Twiga, 1.50
Bonito, Republik Indonesia, Indonesia, stamp, fish, 1.50, Tongkol, Euthymus alleteratus affinis, Euthynnus affinis, Auxis rochei rochei
Soldier fish
Soldier fish, Umm al Qiwain, UAE, stamp, fish, Umm al Qiwain, 1.50, Rls, Soldier fish
Tystie, Norge, Norway, stamp, bird, Cepphus grylle, 1.50, Teist, 1981, VR
Atlantic salmon
Atlantic salmon, Polska, Poland, stamp, fish, fishing, 1.50, Losos, fishing, flyfishing, fly, 1979, PZW, Salmo salar
Harpa doris
Harpa doris, S Tome e Principe, Sao Tome and Principe, stamp, shell, 1.50 Db, blue, 1981, Wolfgang Hartwig, Lito Nacional, Porto, Portugal, Harpa doris
Cheetah, Republique Islamique De Mauritanie, Mauritania, stamp, mammal, cat, Acinonyx jubatus, Durrens, Guepard, Postes, 1.50 F
Great Bustard
Great Bustard, Mayar, Hungary, stamp, bird, Otis tarda, Fule M, 1.50 Ft, Tuzok, Posta
Southern Festoon
Southern Festoon, Magyar, Hungary, stamp, insect, butterfly, green, Zerynthia hypermnestra, 1.50 Ft, Posta, Gziglenyi A, Zerynthia polyxena
Roseate Tern
Roseate Tern, Republique D'Haiti, Haiti, stamp, bird, 1.50 Gourdes, Sterna dougallii, flying
Wolf Pups
Wolf Pups, Romana, Romania, stamp, mammal, 1.50 L, 1972, Saftoiu Niculare, Canis lupus, Posta
Pied Avocet
Pied Avocet, Romana, Romania, stamp, bird, Recurvirostra avosetta, Posta, 1.50 L, Auael Poperdu, 1964

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