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Red Deer With Fawn
Red Deer With Fawn, CCCP, Russia, stamp, mammal, deer, fawn, 6 k, 1969, suckling, Cervus elaphus

Title: Red Deer With Fawn
Location: CCCP, Russia
Description: Red Deer [Cervus elaphus] hind with a suckling fawn
Keywords: stamp, mammal, deer, fawn, 6 k, 1969, suckling, Cervus elaphus

European Bee-Eater
European Bee-Eater, Republique du Benin, Benin, stamp, bird, Postes, 2000, 135 F, Merops apiaster
Brown Hyena
Brown Hyena, Republique du Benin, Benin, stamp, mammal, 1999, Postes, 135 f, Hyaena brunnea
Aesculapian Snake
Aesculapian Snake, Republique du Benin, Benin, stamp, reptile, snake, Zamenis longissimus, 135 f, Postes, 1999, Aesculapian Snake, Elaphe longissima
Cockoo Wrasse
Cockoo Wrasse, The Mutawakalite Kingdom of Yemen, Yemen, stamp, coat of arms, fish, 14 Bogashi, Air Mail, Labrus mixtus
Sward Lilly Hybrid
Sward Lilly Hybrid, CCCP, Russia, stamp, plant, flower, 14 K, noyta, 1969, Gladiolus gandavensis hybridus, Gladiolus spp
Copperhead, Tanzania, stamp, reptile, snake, Agkistrodon contortrix, Copperhead, 1996, 140
Jack Dempsey
Jack Dempsey, Repoblikani Madagasikara, Madagascar, stamp, fish, 140 Fmg, 28 Ariary, Pasoitara, 1994, Cichlasoma biocellatum, Cichlasoma octofasciatum, Rocio octofasciata
Disney Lion
Disney Lion, Repoblikani Madagasikara, Madacascar, stamp, mammal, cat, Panthera leo, 140 Fmg, 28 Ariary, Paositra, 1994
Blue Budgerigar
Blue Budgerigar, Repoblika Demokratika Malagasy, Madagascar, stamp, bird, Paositara, 1992, 140 Fmg, 28 Ariary, Melopsittacus undulatus
Whale Shark
Whale Shark, Repoblikan'i Madagasikara, Madagascar, stamp, fish, shark, 1993, 140 FMG, 28 Ariary, Paositra, Rhincodon typus
Fennec Fox in the Sun
Fennec Fox in the Sun, Repoblikani Madagasikara, Madagascar, stamp, Paositra, 1994, 140 FMG, 28 Ariary, Fennecus zerda, Vulpes zerda
Willow gentian
Willow gentian, Republica Di S. Marino, San Marino, stamp, LPS Off cart val, Roma, 1967, R Bergamo, 140 Lire, Gentiana asclepiadea

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