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Orchid on red
Orchid on red, Viêt Nam, Vietnam, stamp, plant, orchid, flower, Lan hoang thao, Buu chinh, 12 xu, Dan cong hoa

Title: Orchid on red
Location: Viêt Nam, Vietnam
Description: Nice white orchid on red background. Maybe the text on the right could be the the species?
Keywords: stamp, plant, orchid, flower, Lan hoang thao, Buu chinh, 12 xu, Dan cong hoa

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Skipjack tuna
Skipjack tuna, Cabo Verde, Cape Verde, stamp, fish, $12.00, Katsuwonus pelamis, correios, 1980
Imperial Angelfish
Imperial Angelfish, Israel, stamp, fish, 0.12, Imperial Angelfish, Holacanthus imperator, Pomacanthus imperator
Peregrine Falcon
Peregrine Falcon, Canada, stamp, bird, bird of prey, 12, postage, postes, Falco peregrinus
Cockatiel, Repoblika Demokratika Malagasy, Madagascar, stamp, bird, Paositara, 1992, 60 Fmg, 12 Ariary, Nymphicus hollandicus
Fox on it's Back
Fox on it's Back, Repoblikani Madagasikara, Madagascar, stamp, Paositra, 1994, 60 FMG, 12 Ariary, Vulpes vulpes
Plain Pigeon
Plain Pigeon, Cuba, stamp, bird, pigeon, 12 c, aereo, impreso en cuba, Patagioenas inornata
Smooth Hammerhead
Smooth Hammerhead, Panama, stamp, fish, shark, Aerer, 12 c, C Alonso, de la rue de colombia, Zigaena malleus
Red Deer
Red Deer, Bulgaria, stamp, mammal, Cervus elaphus, 12 Ct, roar, 1957
Plums, Bulgaria, stamp, plant, fruit, tree, Prunus spp, 12 Ct
Baikal whitefish
Baikal whitefish, Soviet, CCCP, Russia, stamp, fish, 12 k, 1966, noyta, Coregonus migratorius, Baikal whitefish
Yellow Dahlia
Yellow Dahlia, CCCP, Russia, stamp, plant, flower, 1969, 12 K, noyta, Dahlia pinnata
Central Asian Cobra
Central Asian Cobra, CCCP, Russia, stamp, reptile, snake, noyta, 1977, 12 K, среднеазиатская кобра, Naja oxiana
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