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Flying Osprey
Flying Osprey, Sverige, Sweden, stamp, bird, Pandion haliaetus, 10 kr, D Zetterström LS, Fiskgjuse, 2002, P Naszarkowski sc

Title: Flying Osprey
Location: Sverige, Sweden
Description: Osprey [Pandion haliaetus] with gliding in the air with it's wings spread wide
Keywords: stamp, bird, Pandion haliaetus, 10 kr, D Zetterström LS, Fiskgjuse, 2002, P Naszarkowski sc

Persian cyclamen
Persian cyclamen, Ploska, Poland, stamp, plant, flower, 20 Gr, A Balcerzak, PWPW, 1964, Cyclamen persicum, Mill, Cyklamen perski
Cheeta, Polska, Poland, stamp, mammal, I Grabianski, PWPW, 72, gepard, 20 Gr, Acinonyx jubatus
Poinsettia, Polska, Poland, stamp, plant, flower, Euphorbia pulcherrima, 20 gr, Poinsetia, PWPW, P Matecki
Grey Wolf on Green
Grey Wolf on Green, Polska, Poland, stamp, mammal, Canis lupus, 20 Grm Desselberger, PWPW, 1968
Great Spotted Woodpecker
Great Spotted Woodpecker, Ceskoslovensko, Czechoslovakia, stamp, bird, L Jirka, K Lvolinsky, Brehm, 20 h, Dryobates major Pinetorum, Dendrocopos major pinetorum
Meadow saffron
Meadow saffron, CCCP, Russia, stamp, plant, flower, noyta, 20 K, Colchicum speciosum stev, Colchicum speciosum Steven
Water-lily tulip
Water-lily tulip, CCCP, Russia, stamp, plant, Tulipa kaufmanniana rgl, flower, 20 K, Tulipa kaufmanniana Regel, noyta
Working Western Honeybee
Working Western Honeybee, CCCP, Russia, stamp, insect, bee, 1989, 20 K, Apis mellifera
Pikepearch, CCCP, Soviet, Russia, stamp, fish, Sander lucioperca, noyta, 20 k
Walrus with Young
Walrus with Young, CCCP, Russia, stamp, mammal, Морж, noyta, 20 k, 1977, young, Odobenus rosmarus
European Hare
European Hare, CCCP, Russia, stamp, mammal, 20 Kon, Noyta, Lepus europaeus, Заяц-русак
Sika Stag
Sika Stag, CCCP, Russia, stamp, mammal, deer, noyta, 20 Kon, Cervus nippon, Пятнистый олень

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