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Brown Tit-Babbler
Brown Tit-Babbler, Pilipinas, Philippines, stamp, bird, 1.20 P, Brown Titt Babbler, Macronous striaticeps kettlewelli, Guillemard

Title: Brown Tit-Babbler
Location: Pilipinas, Philippines
Description: Brown Tit-Babbler [Macronous striaticeps] trying to get a worm out of the ground
Keywords: stamp, bird, 1.20 P, Brown Titt Babbler, Macronous striaticeps kettlewelli, Guillemard

Male Bullfinch
Male Bullfinch, Deutsche, Germany, stamp, bird, red, Fur de Jugend, 1963, 20+10, Bundespost
Eurasian Golden Oriole
Eurasian Golden Oriole, Helvetia, Switzerland, stamp, bird, Oriolus oriolus, 20+10, Pro Juventue, 1969, Walter Wehinger, Courvoisier SA
Bluethroats, Helvetia, Switzerland, stamp, bird, 1971, 20+10, Courvoisier SA, Richard Gerbig, Pro Juventute
Black-naped Oriole
Black-naped Oriole, Republik Indonesia, Indonesia, stamp, bird, 20+5, 1964, Nepodang, Oriolus chinensis
Whale Hunt
Whale Hunt, Fernando Poo, Bioko, stamp, whale, mammal, FNMT, Correos, Espana, Dia del Sello, 1960, 20+5 Cts, Balaenoptera borealis
Crested Philippine violet
Crested Philippine violet, Republik Indonesia, Indonesia, stamp, plant, flower, 20+5 Sen, 1966, Djarong, Barleria cristata
Southern Coral Snake
Southern Coral Snake, Tanzania, stamp, reptile, snake, Micrurus frontalis, Southern Coral Snake, 1996, 200
Green Anaconda
Green Anaconda, Tanzania, stamp, reptile, 1993, 200, snake, Eunectes murinus
African Rock Python
African Rock Python, Uganda, stamp, reptile, snake, 200, Python sebae
Fly agaric
Fly agaric, Royaume du Cambodge, Cambodia, stamp, plant, mushroom, 200, 200 R, Postes, Amanita muscaria
Bar-headed Goose
Bar-headed Goose, Tajikistan, stamp, brid, 200, 1995, duck, Anser indicus
Brown-headed Gull
Brown-headed Gull, Tajikistan, stamp, brid, 200, 1995 Larus brunnicephalus, Chroicocephalus brunnicephalus

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