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Fluted giant clam
Fluted giant clam, Papua and New Guinea, Papua New Guinea, stamp, shell, Tridacna squamosa, 20 c

Title: Fluted giant clam
Location: Papua and New Guinea, Papua New Guinea
Description: Fluted giant clam [Tridacna squamosa] nice looking red and white shell
Keywords: stamp, shell, Tridacna squamosa, 20 c

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Ragged-tooth shark
Ragged-tooth shark, Ciskei, stamp, shark, Sheila Nowers, B2.5,  20 c, 1983, Ragged-tooth shark, Odontaspis taurus, Carcharias taurus
Guineafowls, Republique du Congo, Congo, stamp, bird, Guttera pucherani, 20 c, Pintades de Schouteden, J Van Noten, Courvoisier S A, Postes
Quinine bark
Quinine bark, Republique du Congo, Congo, stamp, plant, flower, red cross, 20 c, VN, Enscheds, Holland, dV, Cinchona ledgeriana, Cinchona calisaya
Diaphananthe Orchid
Diaphananthe Orchid, Republique Rwandaise, Rwanda, stamp, plant, flower, J Van Noten, 1968, 20 c, Orchidee Diaphananthe, Diaphananthe spp, Orchid
Waxbill, Republique Rwandaise, Rwanda, stamp, bird, flower, 20 c, 1972, J Van Noten, Astrild ondule, Estrilda astrild
Red Hubiscus
Red Hubiscus, Rwanda, stamp, plant, flower, 20 c, Hibiscus berberidifolius, Hibiscus berberidifolius
Longhorn Beetle
Longhorn Beetle, Republique Rwandaise, Rwanda, stamp, insect, beetle, Van Noten, Questa, 20 c, Euporus strangulatus, Serville, Euporus strangulatus strangulatus
Long-crested Eagle
Long-crested Eagle, Rwanda, stamp, bird, bird of prey, Samusure, 20 c, O Bonnevalle, 1977, Questa, Lophaetus occipitalis, Aigale huppe, Daudin
Grey Crowned Crane
Grey Crowned Crane, Republique Rwandaise, Rwanda, stamp, bird, 1980, J Van Noten, Balearica regulorum, 20 c
Northern Double-collared Sunbird
Northern Double-collared Sunbird, Republique Rwandaise, Rwanda, stamp, Harrison and Sons Ltd, 1982, Jean van Note, 20 c, Nectarinia preussi kikuyuensis, Nectarinia preussi
Domesticated Ducks
Domesticated Ducks, Rwanda, stamp, bird, duck, 20 c, Bonnevalle O, 1978
Strange Weaver
Strange Weaver, Rwanda, stamp, bird, 20 c, 1979, Severin, Ploceus alienus
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