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Dusky Hopping-Mouse
Dusky Hopping-Mouse, Australia, stamp, mammal, 45 c, Notomys fuscus

Title: Dusky Hopping-Mouse
Location: Australia
Description: Dusky Hopping Mouse [Notomys fuscus] from a Threatened Species series
Keywords: stamp, mammal, 45 c, Notomys fuscus

Pond turtle
Pond turtle, Polska, Poland, stamp, reptile, turtle, Desselberger, PWPW, Zotw btotny, 50 gr, Emys orbicularis
Emperor Moth and Yellow Pansys
Emperor Moth and Yellow Pansys, Ceskolovensko, Czechoslovakia, stamp, insect, butterfly, flower, 50 h, Za Orchanu Evropske Flory a Fauny, Violka studetska, Marrinack haorvy, 1983-04-28, Viola sudetica, Viola lutea, Eudia pavonia, Pavonia pavonia
Eurasian Eagle-owl
Eurasian Eagle-owl, Ceskoslovensko, Czechoslovakia, stamp, bird, owl, Bubo bubo, Vyr velky, 50 h, H Capova , 1986, J Hercik, 2 K
Perhaps Common Whitefish
Perhaps Common Whitefish, CCCP, Soviet, Russia, stamp, 50 k, fish, Coregonus spp
Golden Oriole
Golden Oriole, Romana, Romania, stamp, bird, 50 L, posta, Oriolus oriolus
Golden Oriole
Golden Oriole, Romana, Romania, stamp, bird, 50 L, posta, Oriolus oriolus
Regal angelfish
Regal angelfish, Alman, Ajman, UAE, stamp, fish, 50 Np, Postage, Regal angelfish, Pygoplites diacanthus, sheikh
Hilsa, Bangladesh, stamp, fish, pink, Hilsa, 50 p, Tenualosa ilisha
Red Cockoo Wrasse
Red Cockoo Wrasse, Liban, Lebanon, stamp, fish, 50 p, Poste Aerienne, starfish, Labrus ossifagus
Coconut, Republik Indonesia, Indonesua, stamp, plant, 50 Sen, Kelapa, Cocos nucifera farming, crop, Coconut
Furious Banteng
Furious Banteng, Republik Indonesia, Indonesia, stamp, mammal, 50 Sen, Banteng, Bos javanicus
Indian Python in a Tree
Indian Python in a Tree, Viêt Nam, Vietnam, stamp, reptile, snake, Python molurus, Tran, 50 xu, Buu Chinh, Dan Chu Chong Hoa

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