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Big Greasy
Big Greasy, Australia, stamp, insect, butterfly, 45 c, Cressida cressida

Title: Big Greasy
Location: Australia
Description: Big Greasy [Cressida cressida] a black and white (with red dots) swallowtail butterfly
Keywords: stamp, insect, butterfly, 45 c, Cressida cressida

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Striped headstander
Striped headstander, Nicaragua, stamp, fish, Anostomus anostomus, correos, 1.85 C$, 1981
Blowing Sperm Whale
Blowing Sperm Whale, Fernando Poo, Espana, Bioko, stamp, mammal, whale, 10 +5 Cts, FNMT, Dia Del Sello, 1960, red, Physeter catodon
Fish, Ifni, stamp, fish, 10+5 cts, correos, Dia del sello colonial, 1953, F.N.M.T.
Smooth Hammerhead
Smooth Hammerhead, Ifni, stamp, fish, Sphyrna zygaena, 10+5 cts, correos, Dia del sello colonial, 1954, F.N.M.T., Sphyrna lewini
Barbeled Houndshark
Barbeled Houndshark, Guinea Espanola, Spanish Guinea, Equatorial Guinea, stamp, fish, shark, wine, 10+5 Cts, FNMT, Correos, Dia Del, Sello, Colonial, 1954
Bush Elephants
Bush Elephants, KUT, Uganda, Tanganyika, Kenya, stamp, mammal, 15 c, Queen Elizabeth II, Loxodonta africana
Bonefish in Light Green
Bonefish in Light Green, Bahamas, stamp, fish, Queen Elizabeth II, Albula vulpes, 15 c
North American Beaver
North American Beaver, Canada, stamp, mammal, red, 1951, 1851, 3, Postage, VT, Three Pence, 15 c, Postes, stamp on stamp
Flying Gannet
Flying Gannet, Canada, stamp, bird, 15 c, Postes, Postage, 1954, Back and White, Morus bassanus, star
Galah, Australia, stamp, bird, 15 c, Eolophus roseicapilla
Tasmanian Blue Gum
Tasmanian Blue Gum, Australia, stamp, plant, flower, RBA, D Thornhill, 15 c, Eucalyptus globulus, tree
Midas cichlid
Midas cichlid, Nicaragua, stamp, fish, 15 C$, Aereo, 1987, Dia mundial de la Alimentacion, Mojarra, Cichlasoma citrimellum, Cichlasoma citrinellum, Amphilophus citrinellus
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