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Egle-owl with Prey
Egle-owl with Prey, Bulgaria, stamp, owl, bird, Bubo bubo, 42 Ct, prey, nowa, 87

Title: Egle-owl with Prey
Location: Bulgaria
Description: Eurasian Eagle-owl [Bubo bubo] sitting on a freshly captured mouse or rat (a giant mouse or rat...).
Keywords: stamp, owl, bird, Bubo bubo, 42 Ct, prey, nowa, 87

Ural Owl
Ural Owl, Sverige, Sweden, stamp, bird, owl, Strix uralensis, 2.30, I Axelsson, L Sjööblom sc, Slaguggla
Lesser Spotted Woodpecker
Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, Sverige, Sweden, stamp, bird, 2.40, I Axelsson, L Sjööblom sc, Mindre hackspett, Dendrocopos minor
Arctic Tern
Arctic Tern, Sverige, Sweden, stamp, bird, Flykting 71, 55, Alf Olsson del, 1971, CZ Slania sc, Sterna paradisaea
Whimbrel, Sverige, Sweden, stamp, bird, 2.10, L Jonsson, Småspov, Numenius phaeopus, M Mörck sc
White-tailed Eagle
White-tailed Eagle, Sverige, Sweden, stamp, bird, bird of prey, 2.20, Havsörn, Haliaeetus albicilla
Western Capercaillie in Pillar Hall
Western Capercaillie in Pillar Hall, Sverige, Sweden, stamp, bird, Pelarsal, Inrikes, 2000, Brev, I Axellson, BL, Tetrao urogallus
Eider Couple
Eider Couple, Sverige, Sweden, stamp, bird, duck, Ejder, 2.10, L Jonsson, M Mörck sc, Somateria mollissima
Murre Collony
Murre Collony, Sverige, Sweden, stamp, bird, Uria aalge, 85, ZL Jakus sc, T Jacobsson
Flapping Osprey
Flapping Osprey, Sverige, Sweden, stamp, bird, Pandion haliaetus, BÖ / GM, Fiskgjuse, LS sc, 2009
Eurasian Golden Oriole
Eurasian Golden Oriole, Helvetia, Switzerland, stamp, bird, Oriolus oriolus, 20+10, Pro Juventue, 1969, Walter Wehinger, Courvoisier SA
Bluethroats, Helvetia, Switzerland, stamp, bird, 1971, 20+10, Courvoisier SA, Richard Gerbig, Pro Juventute
Common Kingfisher
Common Kingfisher, UK, stamp, bird, kingfisher, 10 p, Queen Elizabeth II, Alcedo atthis

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