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Black-tailed Godwit
Black-tailed Godwit, Polska, Poland, stamp, bird, 50 Gr, Desselberger ,PWPW, 1964 ,Rycyk, Limosa limosa

Title: Black-tailed Godwit
Location: Polska, Poland
Description: Black-tailed Godwit [Limosa limosa], I think is should have a name like "rufus throat" rather then balck tail..., printed on a bright green background
Keywords: stamp, bird, 50 Gr, Desselberger, PWPW, 1964, Rycyk, Limosa limosa

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Male Pheasant
Male Pheasant, Polska, Poland, stamp, bird, Phasianus colchicus, 60 Gr, PWPW, 1970, Desselberger
Eurasian Woodcock
Eurasian Woodcock, Polska, Poland, stamp, bird, Desselberger, 1970, PWPW, 1.15 Zl, Scolopax rusticola
Male Ruffs
Male Ruffs, Polska, Poland, stamp, bird, Desselberger, PWPW, 1970, 1.35 Zl, Philomachus pugnax
Male Mallard
Male Mallard, Polska, Poland, stamp, bird, Anas platyrhynchos, PWPW, 1970, 40 Gr, Desselberger
Common Redstart
Common Redstart, Polska, Poland, stamp, bird, Desselberger, PWPW, 1966, Phoenicurus phoenicurus, Pleszka, 2.50 Zl
Hoope in Tree
Hoope in Tree, Polska, Poland, stamp, bird, Desselberger, PWPW, 1966, Upupa epops, Dudek, 60 Gr
Hoope in the Ground
Hoope in the Ground, Polska, Poland, stamp, bird, Upupa epops, 17 Zl, S Malecki, PWPW, 1982, UNEP
Male Shoveler
Male Shoveler, Polska, Poland, stamp, bird, duck, Spatula clypeata, Plaskonos, Desselberger, PWPW, 1964, 1.55 Zl, Anas clypeata
Wisent Bull
Wisent Bull, Polska, Poland, stamp, mammal, Bison bonasus, 5-6+ Zl, Desselberger, PWPW, 1965
Saber-toothed cat
Saber-toothed cat, Polska, Poland, stamp, mammal, cat, Machairodus spp, 10 Mln lat, 6.50 Zl, PWPW, A Heidrich
Grey Wolf on Green
Grey Wolf on Green, Polska, Poland, stamp, mammal, Canis lupus, 20 Grm Desselberger, PWPW, 1968
Beech Marten
Beech Marten, Polska, Poland, stamp, mammal, UNEP, 5 Zl, J Brodowski, PWPW, 84, Kuna Domowa, Martes foina, Erxl
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