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US Coat of Arms
US Coat of Arms, USA, stamp, bird, 13 c, coat of arms, bird of prey

Title: US Coat of Arms
Location: USA
Description: Bald Eagle with arrows in on claw and an olive branch. One Nation Indivisible. E Pluribus unum
Keywords: stamp, bird, 13 c, coat of arms, bird of prey

Azure-breasted Pitta
Azure-breasted Pitta, Pilipinas, Philippines, stamp, bird, 2.30 P, Steeres Pitta, Pitta steerii steeri, Sharpe
Great Cormorant
Great Cormorant, Qatar, stamp, bird, Phalacrocorax carbo, Postage, 1 Dirham
European Roller
European Roller, State of Qatar, Qatar, stamp, bird, Coracias garrulus, Postage, 1 Dirham
Mr and Mrs Ruff
Mr and Mrs Ruff, CCCP, Russia, stamp, bird, 1975, 1K, Philomachus pugnax
Eurasian Eagle-owl
Eurasian Eagle-owl, CCCP, Russia, stamp, bird, owl, Bubo bubo, Eurasian Eagle-owl, 1990, 20K, Noyta
Flying Long-eared owl
Flying Long-eared owl, CCCP, Russia, stamp, bird, owl, flying, Asio otus, Long-eared owl, 1990, 35 K, Ушастая сова
White stork
White stork, CCCP, Russia, stamp, bird, Ciconia ciconia, flying, 10+5 K, Noyta, 1991
Steller's Sea Eagle
Steller's Sea Eagle, CCCP, Russia, stamp, bird, 4 k, 1982, Mockba, XVIII, Haliaeetus pelagicus
Nesting Hooded Cranes
Nesting Hooded Cranes, CCCP, Russia, stamp, bird, XVIII, 1982, Mockba, Noyta, 2 k, Grus monacha
Teal Pair
Teal Pair, CCCP, Russia, stamp, bird, duck, Anas crecca, 1989, 15 k
Flying Females
Flying Females, CCCP, Russia, stamp, bird, flying, duck, 1990, 5 k, Noyta, Anas platyrhynchos
White-browed Tit-warbler
White-browed Tit-warbler, CCCP, Russia, stamp, bird, 1981, noyta, 6 k, rose hip, Leptopoecile sophiae

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