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Perhaps Common Whitefish
Perhaps Common Whitefish, CCCP, Soviet, Russia, stamp, 50 k, fish, Coregonus spp

Title: Perhaps Common Whitefish
Location: CCCP, Soviet, Russia
Description: Perhaps a Common Whitefish at leat with no doubt a member of Coregonus [Coregonus spp], here on pink background
Keywords: stamp, 50 k, fish, Coregonus spp

Blackback butterflyfish
Blackback butterflyfish, Polska, Poland, stamp, fish, 5 Gr, Poczta, Desselberger, PWPW, 1967, Chaetodon melanotus, Chaetodon melanotus var.
Emperor angelfish
Emperor angelfish, Polska, Poland, stamp, fish, Desselberger, 10 Gr, Poczta, PWPW, 1967, Pomacanthus imperator, Pomacanthus imperator juv.
Antarctic Fishing
Antarctic Fishing, Polska, Poland, stamp, ship, fish, S Malecki, PWPW, 87, 5 Zl, Zulawy, Transocean, Nototenia marurowa, Notothenia rossi marmorata, Klykacz, Dissostichus mawsoni, Notothenia rossii
Picasso triggerfish
Picasso triggerfish, Polska, Poland, stamp, fish, Desselberger, 1.50 Zl, Poczta, PWPW, 1967, Rhinecanthus aculeatus
Black Scabbardfish
Black Scabbardfish, Madeira, Portugal, stamp, fish, 40, INCH Imp 85, Alfredo d Conceicao des, Lowe, Aphanopus carbo
Male Killer Whale
Male Killer Whale, Portugal, stamp, mammal, fish, whale, linne, 1758, 37.50, Brasiliana 83, INCM Imp, 1983, Vitor Lages des, Orcinus orca
Stingray Showing Stinger
Stingray Showing Stinger, Romana, Romania, stamp, fish, ray, Trygon pastinaca, Dasyatis pastinaca, 3.20 lei, S Zarimba, Pisica de Mare, 1964
Gurnard in the Blue
Gurnard in the Blue, Romana, Romania, stamp, Trigla lucerna, Chelidonichthys lucernu, fish, 1964, S Zarimba, 55 Bani, Rindunica de MAre, Posta
Pair of Pontic Shads
Pair of Pontic Shads, RP Romania, Romania, stamp, fish, Alosa pontica, Alosa immaculata, 1960, Scrumbii, 55 Bani, Posta
Common carp
Common carp, RP Romania, Romania, stamp, fish, Carp, Cyprinus carpio, Posta, 1960, 10 Bani
Zander, RP Romania, Romania, stamp, fish, 20 Bani, Posta, 1960, Salau, Lucioperca lucioperca, Sander lucioperca
Flat fish
Flat fish, R P Romania, Romania, stamp, fish, Psetta maeotica, Posta, 1960, 40 Bani, Calcan, Scophthalmus maeoticus

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