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Kangaroo, Australia, stamp, ½ D, mammal, Postage, Macropus spp

Title: Kangaroo
Location: Australia
Description: Kangaroo [Macropus spp] looking out over the landscape, prnted in bright orange
Keywords: stamp, ½ D, mammal, Postage, Macropus spp

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Yellow-shouldered Widowbird
Yellow-shouldered Widowbird, Republique Togolaise, Togo, stamp, bird, long tail, Postes, Shamir, 40 f, Coiiuspasser macrocercus, Euplectes macroura, red
Upside-down Bird
Upside-down Bird, Afghan, Afghanistan, stamp, bird, post, 1998, 800 AFS, Colius macrourus, Urocolius macrourus
King Crow
King Crow, Republik Indonesia, Indonesia, stamp, bird, 1964, 13+3, Srigunting, Dicrurus macrocercus
Great Eared-Nightjar
Great Eared-Nightjar, Pilipinas, Philippines, stamp, bird, 5.00 P, Philipinne Earded Nightjag, Eurostopodus Macrotis macrotis, Vigors
Lawyer's wigs
Lawyer's wigs, Guyana, stamp, mushroom, 1990, macro, $ 2.55, Coprinus comatus
Freshwater shrmip
Freshwater shrmip, Republik Indonesia, Indonesia, stamp, shripm, lobster, 1.00, Udang duri, Macrobrachium sp, Macrobrachium spp
Japanese spider crab
Japanese spider crab, Monaco, stamp, crab, 0.01, Postes, 1964, D Apres Millot, Fenneteaux, Macrocheira kampferi, Macrocheira kaempferi
Ghost Bat
Ghost Bat, Australia, stamp, mammal, bar, 45 c, threatened species, Macroderma gigas
Long-horned beetle
Long-horned beetle, Mongolia, stamp, insect, 1991, 80, bug, L Bumandorj, Macrodontia cervicornis
Parasol Mushroom
Parasol Mushroom, Lao, Laos, stamp, mushrom, 1985, postes, 4 k, Lepiota procera, Macrolepiota procera var. procera
Brown Tit-Babbler
Brown Tit-Babbler, Pilipinas, Philippines, stamp, bird, 1.20 P, Brown Titt Babbler, Macronous striaticeps kettlewelli, Guillemard
Choats Wrasse
Choats Wrasse, Australia, stamp, fish, 30 c, Macropharyngodon choati
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