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Royal Bengal
Royal Bengal, India, stamp, mammal, cat, 15, Panthera tigris tigris

Title: Royal Bengal
Location: India
Description: Royal Bengal or "just" Bengal tiger [Panthera tigris tigris] on a worn photo like blank and white stamp
Keywords: stamp, mammal, cat, 15, Panthera tigris tigris

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Panther cap
Panther cap, R.P. Kampuchea, Cambodia, stamp, plant, mushroom, Amanita pantherina, 1985, 0.80 Riel, Postes, Amanita panterina
Panther cap
Panther cap, Royaume du Cambodge, Cambodia, stamp, plant, mushroom, Amanita pantherina, 2000, 500 R, Postes
False Blusher
False Blusher, CCCP, Russia, stamp, mushrom, noyta, 1986, 10 K, Amanita pantherina
Panther cap
Panther cap, Magyar, Hungary, stamp, mushrom, Varga Pal, 1986, 4 Ft, Posta, +, Parducgaloca, Amanita pantherina
Japanese Locoweed
Japanese Locoweed, Nippon, Japan, stamp, pant, flower, Oxytropis nigrescens var japonica, 60, Oxytropis japonica var japonica
Resting Male Lion
Resting Male Lion, Republique de Haute-Volta, Burkina Faso, stamp, mammal, Delfaut, Delreiu, Poste Aerienne, 250 F, Panthera leo
Male Lion
Male Lion, Republique Populaire du Congo, Congo, stamp, mammal, Postes, 1971, 1 F, Panthera leo, M Monvoisim
Lion on the Savannah
Lion on the Savannah, Republique de Guinee, Guinea, stamp, mammal, Panthera leo, Postes, 75 F
Male Lion
Male Lion, KUT, Uganda, Tanganyika, Kenya, stamp, mammal, Panthera leo, Queen Elizabeth II, 40 c
Disney Lion
Disney Lion, Repoblikani Madagasikara, Madacascar, stamp, mammal, cat, Panthera leo, 140 Fmg, 28 Ariary, Paositra, 1994
Lion hunting Impalas
Lion hunting Impalas, Rwanda, stamp, mammal, Panthera leo, Aepyceros melampus 30 c
Two Lions
Two Lions, Royaume du Cambodia, Cambodia, stamp, mammal, lion, Panthera leo, 200 R, Animaux Sauvages, Postes, 1996
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