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Indian Elephant
Indian Elephant, Viêt Nam, Vietnam, stamp, mammal, 50 Xu, Dan Chu, Cong Hoa, Buu Chinh, VOI, Elephas maximus indicus

Title: Indian Elephant
Location: Viêt Nam, Vietnam
Description: Indian Elephant [Elephas maximus indicus] bull walking in the jungle
Keywords: stamp, mammal, 50 Xu, Dan Chu, Cong Hoa, Buu Chinh, VOI, Elephas maximus indicus

Anemone fish
Anemone fish, Australia, stamp, fish, anemone, 10 c, Amphiprion ocellaris
Sturt's Desert Pea Flower
Sturt's Desert Pea Flower, Australia, stamp, D Thornhill, RBA, 20 c, Swainsona formosa
Cooktown Orchid
Cooktown Orchid, Australia, stamp, plant, flower, R Warner, RBA, 25 c, orchid, Vappodes phalaenopsis, Dendrobium bigibbum
Choats Wrasse
Choats Wrasse, Australia, stamp, fish, 30 c, Macropharyngodon choati
Tasselled anglerfish
Tasselled anglerfish, Australia, stamp, fish, 5 c, Rhycherus filamentosus
Copperband butterflyfish
Copperband butterflyfish, Australia, stamp, fish, 8 c, coral fish, Chelmon rostratus
Humbug fish
Humbug fish, Australia, stamp, fish, coral, 7 c, Dascyllus aruanus
Dingo, Australia, stamp, mammal, pup, 20 c, M Towt, LM, Canis lupus dingo
Poll Dorset
Poll Dorset, Australia, stamp, mammal, farming, 39 c, Ovis aries
Brushtail Possum
Brushtail Possum, Australia, stamp, mammal R Bates, RBA, 30, Trichosurus vulpecula
Coarse-haired Wombat
Coarse-haired Wombat, Australia, stamp, mammal, 20, R Bates, RBA, Vombatus ursinus
Tasmanian Blue Gum
Tasmanian Blue Gum, Australia, stamp, plant, flower, RBA, D Thornhill, 15 c, Eucalyptus globulus, tree

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