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Pronghorn Antelope
Pronghorn Antelope, USA, stamp, mammal, deer, Antilocapra americana, 18 c

Title: Pronghorn Antelope
Location: USA
Description: Pronghorn Antelope [Antilocapra americana] is not really an antelope... Pronghorn are endemic to North America
Keywords: stamp, mammal, deer, Antilocapra americana, 18 c

Anemone fish
Anemone fish, Australia, stamp, fish, anemone, 10 c, Amphiprion ocellaris
Sturt's Desert Pea Flower
Sturt's Desert Pea Flower, Australia, stamp, D Thornhill, RBA, 20 c, Swainsona formosa
Cooktown Orchid
Cooktown Orchid, Australia, stamp, plant, flower, R Warner, RBA, 25 c, orchid, Vappodes phalaenopsis, Dendrobium bigibbum
Choats Wrasse
Choats Wrasse, Australia, stamp, fish, 30 c, Macropharyngodon choati
Tasselled anglerfish
Tasselled anglerfish, Australia, stamp, fish, 5 c, Rhycherus filamentosus
Copperband butterflyfish
Copperband butterflyfish, Australia, stamp, fish, 8 c, coral fish, Chelmon rostratus
Humbug fish
Humbug fish, Australia, stamp, fish, coral, 7 c, Dascyllus aruanus
Dingo, Australia, stamp, mammal, pup, 20 c, M Towt, LM, Canis lupus dingo
Poll Dorset
Poll Dorset, Australia, stamp, mammal, farming, 39 c, Ovis aries
Brushtail Possum
Brushtail Possum, Australia, stamp, mammal R Bates, RBA, 30, Trichosurus vulpecula
Coarse-haired Wombat
Coarse-haired Wombat, Australia, stamp, mammal, 20, R Bates, RBA, Vombatus ursinus
Tasmanian Blue Gum
Tasmanian Blue Gum, Australia, stamp, plant, flower, RBA, D Thornhill, 15 c, Eucalyptus globulus, tree

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