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Moon fish
Moon fish, Republique du Tchad, Chad, stamp, fish, 3 F, postes, Citharinus latus, Maley

Title: Moon fish
Location: Republique du Tchad, Chad
Description: Moon fish [Citharinus latus]stamp in three colors
Keywords: stamp, fish, 3 F, postes, Citharinus latus, Maley

Greater Flamingo
Greater Flamingo, Republique du Senegal, Senegal, stamp, bird, J Van Noten, 1974, 250 F, Poste Aerienne, Flamants Roses, Phoenicopterus roseus
Swomming Hawksbill
Swomming Hawksbill, Seychelles, stamp, Tortue caret, reptile, turtle, coat of arms, 10 c, Hawksbill turtle, Eretmochelys imbricata
Aldabra giant tortoise
Aldabra giant tortoise, Seychelles, stamp, location, Unesco, World Herritage, 1982, 7.00 R, reptile, turtle, Aldabrachelys gigantea
Black mamba
Black mamba, Republic Somali, Somalia, stamp, reptile, snake, Dendroaspis polylepis, Black mamba, 1998, 500 Sh.SO, Somali Post
Sabi, Somalia, stamp, plant, Posta, 0.01 So, Vart Valor, Roma, Adenium somalense, Adenium obesum subsp somalense
Okapi, Somali Republic, Somalia, stamp, mammal, Okapia johnstoni, 200 Sh.SO, Post, 1998
Cheetah in Pink
Cheetah in Pink, Somali Republic, Somalia, stamp, mammal, cat, 200 Sh.SO, Post, 1998, Acinonyx jubatus
Greater Kudu
Greater Kudu, Republic Somali, Somalia, stamp, mammal, 100 Sh.SO, Post, 1998, Tragelaphus strepsiceros
Leopard, Somali Republic, Somalia, stamp, mammal, cat, 700 Sh.SO, Post, 1998, Panthera pardus
Waterbuck, , stamp, mammal, Kobus ellipsiprymnus, 300 Sh.SO, Post, 1998
Rufous or Common Nightingale
Rufous or Common Nightingale, Republic Somali, Somalia, stamp, Post, 1998, 600 Sh SO, Luscina megarhynchos
Strip of Three Moorish Idols
Strip of Three Moorish Idols, RSA, South Africa, stamp, fish, light blue, 10 c, 1973, Ernst de Jong, Zanclus cornutus, strip

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