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Male Killer Whale
Male Killer Whale, Canada, stamp, fish, mammal, whale, 57, Orcinus orca

Title: Male Killer Whale
Location: Canada
Description: Killer Whale [Orcinus orca] at the surface. L'epaulard
Keywords: stamp, fish, mammal, whale, 57, Orcinus orca

imperial cone
imperial cone, Republic of Maldives, Maldives, stamp, shell, 2 L, Conus imperialis
Mascarene Least Frigatebird
Mascarene Least Frigatebird, Republic of Maldives, Maldives, stamp, bird, flying, 1 L, Fregata ariel iredalei
Fish, Mongolia, stamp, fish, 1987, Carassius aurratus, 30, Carassius auratus
Southern platyfish
Southern platyfish, Mongolia, stamp, fish, 1987, Xiphophorus macalatus, 60, Xiphophorus maculatus
Hengel's Rasbora
Hengel's Rasbora, Mongolia, stamp, fish, 1987, Rasbora hengeli, 40
Acara for the Aquarium
Acara for the Aquarium, Mongolia, stamp, fish, 1987, Aequidens spec, 50, Aequidens spp
Red Fighting Fish
Red Fighting Fish, Mongolia, stamp, fish, 1987, Betta splendens, 20
Marine Iguana
Marine Iguana, Mongolia, stamp, reptile, lizard, 1991, 1.20, L Bumandorj, Amblyrhynchus cristatus
Gold Tegu
Gold Tegu, Mongolia, stamp, reptile, lizard, L Bumandorj, 80, 1991, Tupinambis teguixin
Mongolian Racerunner
Mongolian Racerunner, Mongolia, stamp, 1972, lizard, reptile, 10, Peters, 1869, Eremias argus
Halys Pit Viper
Halys Pit Viper, Mongolia, stamp, reptile, snake, Pallas, 1776, 1972, 20, Ancistrodon halys, Gloydius halys
Variegated Toadhead Agama
Variegated Toadhead Agama, Mongolia, stamp, reptile, lizard, 25, 1972, Strauch, 1876, hrynoephalus versicolor, Phrynocephalus versicolor

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