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Pallid Scops-owl
Pallid Scops-owl, Israel, stamp, bird, owl, 1987, 40, Otus brucei

Title: Pallid Scops-owl
Location: Israel
Description: Pallid Scops-owl [Otus brucei] sitting in a tree at night
Keywords: stamp, bird, owl, 1987, 40, Otus brucei

Red Breasted Pittas
Red Breasted Pittas, Pilipinas, Philippines, stamp, bird, 5.00 P, Kochs Pitta, Red-breasted Pitta, Pitta Kochi, Bruggemann Pitta, Pitta e erythrogaster, Temminick
Mindoro Imperial Pigeon
Mindoro Imperial Pigeon, Pilipinas, Philippines, stamp, bird, 2.20 P, Mindoro Imperial Pigeon, Ducula mindorensis, Whitehead
Azure-breasted Pitta
Azure-breasted Pitta, Pilipinas, Philippines, stamp, bird, 2.30 P, Steeres Pitta, Pitta steerii steeri, Sharpe
Malayan Civet
Malayan Civet, Philipinas, Philippines, stamp, mammal, 30 s, Musang, Viverra tangalunga, Gray
Malintong, Philipinas, Philippines, stamp, mammal, 5.00 P, Malintong, Paramanis culionensis, Elera, Manis culionensis
Oriental Small-clawed Otter
Oriental Small-clawed Otter, Philipinas, Philippines, stamp, mammal, 5.00 P, Dinggin, Amblovx cinerea cinerea, Iliger, Aonyx cinereus cinereus
Philippine Warty Pig
Philippine Warty Pig, Philipinas, Philippines, stamp, mammal, Baboy Damo, Sas celebensis philippensis, Nehring, 2.20 P, Sus philippensis
Leopard Cat
Leopard Cat, Philipinas, Philippines, stamp, mammal, Maral, Felis minuta, Tamminick, 2.30 P, Prionailurus bengalensis chinensis, cat
Great Cormorant
Great Cormorant, Qatar, stamp, bird, Phalacrocorax carbo, Postage, 1 Dirham
European Roller
European Roller, State of Qatar, Qatar, stamp, bird, Coracias garrulus, Postage, 1 Dirham
Mr and Mrs Ruff
Mr and Mrs Ruff, CCCP, Russia, stamp, bird, 1975, 1K, Philomachus pugnax
Notoginseng, CCCP, Russia, stamp, plant, flower, Panax schin-seng Nees, Noyta, 40 K, Panax pseudoginseng Wall

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