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Narwhal, Canada, stamp, tusk, fish, whale, 5, Narval, Monodon monoceros, mammal

Title: Narwhal
Location: Canada
Description: Narwhal [Monodon monoceros] living in the Arctic sea and is most know for the males large tusk.
Keywords: stamp, tusk, fish, whale, 5, Narval, Monodon monoceros, mammal

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Mackerel icefish
Mackerel icefish, CCCP, Soviet, Russia, stamp, fish, белокровная щука, Champsocephalus gunnari, noyta, 1978, 6 k
Siamese fighting fish
Siamese fighting fish, Royaume du Cambodge, Cambodia, stamp, fish, Postes, 1997, 200 R, Betta splendens, Betta imbellis
Korean Brown Frog
Korean Brown Frog, DPR Korea, North Korea, stamp, reptile, frog, 70, 1992, Air Mail, Rana coreana
Dunkleosteus, Nicaragua, stamp, fish, 15.00 C$, aéreu, 1987, Dinichthys, Era paleozoica, fossil, Dunkleosteus terrelli
Bonefish in Light Green
Bonefish in Light Green, Bahamas, stamp, fish, Queen Elizabeth II, Albula vulpes, 15 c
Green Anaconda
Green Anaconda, Tanzania, stamp, reptile, 1993, 200, snake, Eunectes murinus
Feeding Donkey
Feeding Donkey, Republique de Haute-Volta, Burkina Faso, stamp, mammal, Delfaut, Delreiu, Postes, 5 F, Equus africanus asinus
Giant snakehead
Giant snakehead, R.P. Kampuchea, Cambodia, stamp, fish, Postes, R.P. Kampuchea, 1985, 0.50 Riel, Ophiocephalus micropeltes, Channa micropeltes
Extinct Shark
Extinct Shark, Republica Saharaui, Sahrawi, stamp, fish, shark, Cobelodus spp, 40 Ptas, Correos, 1999
Sitting Cheetah
Sitting Cheetah, Cote Francaise des Somalis, French Somaliland, stamp, mammal, cat, 0.40 F, Guepard, Betemps, RF, Postes, Acinonyx jubatus
Criollo Horse
Criollo Horse, Argentina, stamp, mammal, horse, Equus ferus caballus, Caballo Criollo, 1 Peso, Correos
Red spitting cobra
Red spitting cobra, Tanzania, stamp, reptile, snake, Naja pallida, Red spitting cobra, 1996, 100
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