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Gaur, Cambodge, Cambodia, stamp, mamma, farming, Bos frontalis, 6, Postes

Title: Gaur
Location: Cambodge, Cambodia
Description: Gaur [Bos frontalis] on green grass and blue background
Keywords: stamp, mamma, farming, Bos frontalis, 6, Postes

Gaur, Cambodge, Cambodia, stamp, mamma, farming, Bos frontalis, 6, Postes
Hairy-flower belllfower
Hairy-flower belllfower, Nippon, Japan, stamp, plant, flower, Campanula chamissonis, Campanula dasyantha subsp. chamissonis, 60
Poll Dorset
Poll Dorset, Australia, stamp, mammal, farming, 39 c, Ovis aries
Tomato Hind
Tomato Hind, Mauritius, stamp, fish, coat of arms, dodo bird, 2000, Vielle, 1 Re, Cephalopholis sonnerati
Crown-of-thorns starfish
Crown-of-thorns starfish, Australia, stamp, starfish, $1, Acanthaster planci
Opah, Shqiperia, Albania, stamp, fish, 25 q, Lampris guttatus
Fourline nudibranch
Fourline nudibranch, Norge, Norway, stamp, 2006, 10.00, Nakensnegle, nudi, Polycera quadrilineata
Peregrine Falcon
Peregrine Falcon, Royaume du Cambodge, Cambodia, stamp, bird, bird of prey, Falco peregrinus, Postes, 1999, 1000 R, Peregrine Falcon
Green sea turtle
Green sea turtle, Republik Indonesia, Indonesia, stamp, reptile, turtle, 6+1, Penju, 1966, Chelonia mydas, Chelonia mydas
African Rhinoceros Beetle
African Rhinoceros Beetle, Republique de Tchad, Chad, stamp, insect, beetle, P Lambert, Fabricius, 4 F, Postes, Oryctes boas
Blue Warthog Mask
Blue Warthog Mask, Republique de Haute-Volta, Burkina Faso, stamp, mammal, pig, Phacochere, Cottet, 4 F, Blue, Postes, Phacochoerus africanus
Orangespine Unicorne
Orangespine Unicorne, Republique de Guinee, Guinea, stamp, fish, opg, 1997, 400 F, Naso lituratus

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