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Raccon on Gold
Raccon on Gold, Fujeira, Fujairah, stamp, fish, air mail, gold, Imp SLIM Liban, 50 Dh, Forskal, Chaetodon lunula

Title: Raccon on Gold
Location: Fujeira, Fujairah
Description: Raccoon butterflyfish [Chaetodon lunula] on golden background. I think the exact same drawing exicts in a Polish stamp series from 1967
Keywords: stamp, fish, air mail, gold, Imp SLIM Liban, 50 Dh, Forskal, Chaetodon lunula
Chaetodon lunula

Raccoon butterflyfish

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Bluebanded surgeon, South Africa, stamp, fish, 10 c, Chris von Rooyen, Acanthurus lineatus
Young Sailfin, Sharjah and Dependencies - Khor Fakkan, Sharjah, stamp, fish, 2 NP, Harrison and Sons Ltd London, Zebrasoma velifer
Spotted Ctenopoma, Republica de Guine-Bissau, Guinea-Bissau, stamp, fish, 1983, correios, 3.50 p, Ictiofauna Africana, Ctenopoma acutirostre
Atlantic wolffish, Shqiperia, Albania, stamp, fish, 40 q, Anarrichas lupus, Anarhichas lupus
Atlantic wolffish, Norge, Norway, stamp, fish, portrait, 2004, Enzo Finger, Stenbit, 6.00, Anarhichas lupus
Flamefishes, Cuba, stamp, fish, Apogon maculatus, 1, correos, 1969
Peacock blenny, Romana, Romania, stamp, fish, Posta, 1964, 10 bani, S. Zarimba, Cocosul de mare, Blennius pavo risso, Salaria pavo
Peacock blenny, Romania, stamp, fish, Posta, 1964, 10 bani, S. Zarimba, Cocosul de mare, Blennius pavo risso, Salaria pavo
Yellow and blueback fusilier, Tanzania, stamp, fish, Kijakazi mermbo, 1.50, Yellow and black fusilier, Caesio xanthonotus, Caesio teres
SOLD: Mandarinfish, Lao, Laos, SOLD, stamp, fish,Postes, 1987, 39 k, Synciropus splendidus, Synchiropus splendidus, Mandarinfish
Giant Trevally, Australia, stamp, fick, ship wreck, 45 c, 1995, Amblyglyphidodon aureusCaranx ignobilis
Horse Mackerel, Bulgaria, stamp, fish, 2 Ct, Trachurus trachurus
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